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Total Beginner Swing Dance

complete newcomer curriculum

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  • Floorplay Dance Center

Service Description

This dance originated from the Lindy Hop. Swing is a lively, non-progressive partner dance that can be danced to a wide variety of music -- from blues to rock & roll. Non-progressive means it's mostly performed in one spot, so it's very convenient on a crowded dance floor. Swing is one of the most versatile partner dances you can learn - very social and beginner friendly. Easily adaptable to a wide range of tempos, it involves movements with lots of swinging, spinning and rhythmic, creative footwork. The term "Swing" actually refers to a group of dances that developed from the swing style of jazz music in the first half of the last century. There's Lindy Hop, Boogie-Woogie, Jitterbug, Shag, Charleston, West Coast and East Coast Swing, just to name a few. Each of these dances has its own distinct flavor. One of the most popular (and very suitable for beginners) is the East Coast Swing. It's a bit more social and relaxed than other versions. Because it's also a formal ballroom dance, East Coast Swing is perfect for your social dancing arsenal and perfect for beginners, which is why we'll focus on this version here. It will serve as a good foundation for other, more complex versions. "Triple steps” and “rock steps” are used through out the music. Between slow music or fast music, sometimes faster tempos demand a modification such as Jitterbug steps. Please keep in mind that East Coast Swing is different than our West Coast Swing curriculum. Some Jitterbug will be introduced at this level. With consistent and dedicated instruction, this 4-week series will help the newcomer Swing student ADVANCE to a higher dance level! Dedicated class size with a progressive syllabus. Completion promotes students to Advanced Beginner Swing. Please indicate if you are enrolling as a leader (typically but not necessarily the gentleman in a dance partnership) or a follower (typically the lady). The best way to become a better dancer is learning both sides! Being sympathetic to your partner's needs will establish better connection and you quickly grow to be a very desirable dance partner in the social dance scene.

Cancellation Policy

Book a session up to twelve hours in advance. Cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance to not lose class credit.

Contact Details

  • 1127 Valley Rd suite 201, Hockessin, DE, USA

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