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Total Beginner Nightclub Merengue

complete newcomer curriculum

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  • 87.50 US dollars
  • Floorplay Dance Center

Service Description

The Merengue is a vibrant Latin dance that is extremely popular in the United States (and throughout the world) and serves beginners in a fantastic way because it is very easy to learn! This is danced with “walking steps” with a step taken on each beat of music. While dancers typically use hip motions with this dance, the amount of hip movement varies with personal preference and between dance couples. Merengue is considered to be in the same “family” as Salsa and is popular in the night club and social dance scenes. Authentic Merengue follows the feel of the music and emphasizes improvisation, mood, and the partnership itself. This folkloric style of Merengue is still danced in the rural parts of the Dominican Republic. Ballroom Merengue is regulated with more rules and specific styling. This focuses on posture and typically gives reasonable distance between a dancing duo when in dance frame. Movements are slow and majestic. Today, nightclub Merengue is probably the most popular. It’s similar to authentic Merengue in its casual feel, but incorporates more complex arm moves and wraps. The pretzel-like arm patterns from Salsa and Swing are often borrowed and done in Merengue with relaxed timing. Nightclub Merengue is danced both in open frame and more intimate closed dance holds. Nightclub dancers aren’t hesitant to throw in dips within their Merengue dancing to dazzle and spice up the dance. Regardless of which style of Merengue is chosen, the dance is fun, lively, and accessible to everyone. With consistent and dedicated instruction, this 4-week series will help the newcomer Merengue student ADVANCE to a higher dance level! Dedicated class size with a progressive syllabus. Completion promotes students to Advanced Beginner Merengue. Please indicate if you are enrolling as a leader (typically but not necessarily the gentleman in a dance partnership) or a follower (typically the lady). The best way to become a better dancer is learning both sides! Being sympathetic to your partner's needs will establish better connection and you quickly grow to be a very desirable dance partner in the social dance scene.

Cancellation Policy

Book a session up to twelve hours in advance. Cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance to not lose class credit.

Contact Details

  • 1127 Valley Rd suite 201, Hockessin, DE, USA

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