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Becky has a background in K – 12 education and many years of music and dance training including: ballet, jazz, tap, flute instruction, concert band, chorus, Collegium Musicum, Gamelan, and community musical theater.  In 2005 she adopted the persona of “Lorelei” when starting her education in Middle Eastern Bellydance.  She performs monthly in restaurants in Harford Co Maryland.  Her teaching style, like her dancing style, is a mix of technique from Vintage Oriental, Gothic, Tribal, and Turkish bellydance with a large helping of creative flair.


Lorelei has been bellydancing in Northern Delaware since 2005. She draws on many years of other music and dance training including: ballet, jazz, tap, private flute instruction, concert band, chorus, Collegium Musicum, Gamelan, and high school and community musical theater.

Lorelei has trouble describing her dance style since it is not quite Vintage Oriental, kind of Gothic, a little Tribal, and somewhat like Turkish (shaken VIGOROUSLY, not stirred).  Therefore, she dubs her style: Turkish - ish.  

She creates her performances based on the theme of the venue and audience she performs for. She has taken workshops and classes in those various style with teachers including: Ilianna, Shems, Shahrzad, Alexia, Aszmara, Lotus Najira, Naimah, Tempest, and Zafira.

Lorelei is very interested in vintage bellydance and fusion. She aims to host and attend workshops with each of those flavors.  Lorelei is also a big fan of Renaissance Faires and Fairy Festivals. She includes costuming and music from both in performances.

Though she considers herself a Fusion dancer, she feels it is important to remember (and study) the Middle Eastern Roots of bellydance. In 2016 she completed the Journey Through Egypt workshops 1 and 2 as well as becoming Suhaila Level 1 certified in the Salimpour School of Dance.  Lorelei is also a Level 2- Technician in the Bohemian Blade Certification program.  

She has performed on Flute with members of Tari Lagru, Raqs Revelry, Dragon Song and Insijam in Towson MD, and hopes to start a local mid eastern Jam band. She dances solo, But has also worked with troupes including Jewels Bellydance Company in Bear, DE , Blue Lapis and Silk in PA, Piratude in Newark DE, and  Black Dragon Bellydance in Newark, DE. 

Belly Dance Group Classes
Tuesdays at 6:30pm ​
Online Special! Four Zoom classes with Lorelei for $49

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