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Image by Claudia Ramírez
Burlesque Diva
Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi


Becoming the ultimate showgirl starts here!


This is a course for anyone who wants to learn how to Burlesque, create their own choreography, perform it and own it! Throughout the course, Bex will teach you the fundamental techniques and movements that typify Classic Burlesque, including: bumps 'n' grinds, shimmies, showgirl poses, walking and dancing in heels, striptease, stocking peels, chair dance, fluid floorwork and (most importantly) performing to an audience. The aim of the course is not only to learn how to make the most gorgeous movement possible for performance; but also on feeling comfortable in your body and what it can do, captivating the audience and bringing them on a journey with you.

Please note this course requires active participation: you will not be expected to sheepishly copy what we to teach you; you will be expected to get involved, ask questions, practice between classes and give this your all! <3

For this course you will need: kitten heels or low heeled shoes comfortable enough to dance in, an open mind, and an open heart to step out of your comfort zone.

Course breakdown:

  • Mesmerising Classic Movement

  • Striptease Skills

  • Chair Dance Technique

  • Alluring Floorwork

As this is a highly personal course designed to give you the most skills, knowledge and experience in Burlesque, the class is small with limited spaces.​

Want to build your confidence?
Express your creativity?
Make new friends?
And feel more comfortable in your own skin?


Well, pull your lingerie out of the back of the drawer, because now you can learn to strut your stuff in a safe and supportive space!

Whether you’ve been looking for a sexy creative outlet or just want more excitement in your life, jump in on the fun with this Burlesque Dance series.​

Vixen Vicious sample from Bar XIII

Burlesque Headshot.jpg

Your Instructor:​

Bex Lynn

Bex Lynn has been trained in dance since a young age and has translated those talents into burlesque and cabaret performance. As burlesque performer Vixen Vicious, she has performed all over the tri-state area as a part of the Asylum 13 Dark Angels and the Pastie-Kakes, as well as taking home the win as a solo performer in Season 4 of Philadelphia's Burlesque Battle Royale. She translates her love of performance into a sizzling, sparkling whole - and is ready to help you do the same!

Burlesque is not currently scheduled due to COVID-19.

Students of all ages, sizes, and genders welcome. Each class, students will learn a variety of dance steps, showgirl poses, dance combinations, and basic tricks to become the biggest tease. Students will be introduced to all types of burlesque movement, from slow and sensual to something more upbeat for sweaty/sexy hair tossing. Bring a pair of heels and get ready to shimmy, shake, and captivate with your new burlesque persona.

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